Friday, November 16, 2018

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In today’s hyper-connected world, organizations are using technology to address their maintenance and facility management needs in ways we have never seen before. This blog is written by our employees and industry experts about current maintenance resource planning topics that we hope will keep you up to date on current technology and give you the tools needed to exceed your maintenance goals and needs. 


Grab your favorite beverage, hang out a while and soak up some knowledge.


Craig Drouillard, President


Don't Delete that Record!

As I look through records in databases, usually TeamWORKS CMMS database, I can't help but notice missing records. When cycling through work orders or other data missing data jumps out at you. For example: while "thumbing" through a set of work orders I see work order number 2133, 2134, 2135, 2137. Hey, where's number 2136?


Web vs Desktop vs Virtual...Yeah, I Said Virtual!

Web apps are all the rage. It seems that users are willing to exchange functionality for convenience. Don't get me wrong, I see the benefits of web apps. One central server to maintain, they can be hosted or on-premises, and users can access the applications from almost any computer. So why do so many choose a classic desktop application? Speed and functionality. TeamWORKS web apps pull back data faster than any web app I know. In spite of that, the classic app is still faster. Not only in the exchange of data but also when changing pages or moving between modules. There is simply no way to replicate the speed and ease of use found in a desktop app...or is there?

There is a little known TeamWORKS solution out there known as Virtual or Remote Apps.


Relationships Are Complicated. This Includes Data!

Let's start with the basics. In a relational database, data is spanned across several tables. A table is setup with rows and columns very similar to a standard spreadsheet. 


Asset Data Collection

One of the big issues that our customers face is asset data collection. How does an already overworked staff take the time to collect asset data?  We all know that a good PM program saves time and money and a good PM program starts with a good assets database.


Just Get Started!

TeamWORKS hosted training in Lexington, KY recently. The training went very well but there were implementation questions that were difficult to answer. How do you accomplish data collection/data entry for a system to be put in place? Let's use Preventive Maintenance (PM) as an example and create a scenario.


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